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Challenging Power, Changing the World

About Us

Welcome to the Junction! GovJunction is a community space for youth advocates and people who believe that challenging power, tackling corruption and ending discrimination is fundamental to achieving social justice and reducing poverty in the world.

Why Join?

Working to challenge power can be a lonely and sometimes a risky journey. GovJunction provides a space where young people, researchers and thinkers come together to discuss issues and find creative solutions. On this platform you can securely ask questions, start a discussion, find resources, courses and events that will give you the tools you need to be effective in leading change! If you are working on youth governance and or youth-led social accountability issues then you have found the right community!

Things to know

We take the safety of young people seriously. There is zero tolerance for cyber bullying, trolling and the sharing of obscene or inappropriate content. Some youth advocates and young campaigners may not want to share their information beyond this platform due to safety concerns in their country. Please seek permission to share peoples, information pictures or activities on other platforms before you do. 

Once you are all signed up check out our Start Page with our Community Rules. We look forward to seeing you in the Junction!